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• Drug Discovery Factory B.V.

• ViroVentures

• Ventolines B.V.

• Kennedy Van der Laan

• inClusion Group B.V.



Drug Discovery Factory B.V. – Bussum (2007-todate)

DDF transforms leading academic research into successful business propositions. DDF selects the most attractive research projects at leading University Medical Centres and sets up spin-off companies in collaboration with other biotechnology companies and pharmaceutical industry.


Accounting and reporting services in a number of projects:
• Virology companies (Erasmus MC)
• Julius Clinical Research (Utrecht Universitair MC)
• Skyline Diagnostics


Peter Schoevers (CEO) says: “Irene combines a corporate controller background with entrepreneurial mentality and flexibility.”

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ViroVentures – Rotterdam (2007-todate)
The ViroVentures is a forum in which several businesses share expertise, resources and certain assets to exploit synergies, and which operates with the support and supervision of Prof. Dr. Eric Claassen.
ViroClinics BV develops and evaluates vaccines, antivirals and diagnostics and undertakes contract research into viruses for public health.
ViroNovative BV is dedicated to providing a complete solution to hMPV, a virus discovered in 2001 at the Department of Virology, Erasmus MC.
Viroscope BV is dedicated to the discovery of as yet unidentified human and animal viruses.

Activities, among other things:
• Restructuring of the financial and project administration
• Development of the planning & control cycle
• Set up monthly management accounts
• Year end forecasts and budgets
• Intercompany reconciliations
• Ad hoc advice and support in financial matters


James Simon (CEO) says: “Irene produced detailed financial reports and a management tool that aided informed decision making.”

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Ventolines B.V. – Emmeloord (June 2008-todate)
Ventolines develops and operates renewable energy projects, especially wind energy projects. Main projects so far are the development of a near shore wind park in the IJsselmeer and operating an 11.5 MW wind park in Delfzijl.


Consultancy assignment

The prime focus is to professionalize the internal operations of finance, human resources and legal matters in order to facilitate scaling up of the business. An overview of some of the achievements so far:

  • set up the financial management report providing transparency of cash and results;

  • managing the outsourced accounting services;

  • payroll and staff cost calculations;

  • developed billings template, timesheet and other documents;

  • providing HR and recruitment advice;

  • assisting in framing legal contracts, terms & conditions.

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Kennedy Van der Laan – Amsterdam (2007-2008)

Kennedy Van der Laan is an independent law firm and with nearly 100 attorneys and civil law notaries it is one of the top 20 law firms in the Netherlands. The firm represents great innovative business clients ranging from large national and international companies to beginning entrepreneurs as well as government bodies at national and local level.


Responsibilities as interim finance manager covered:
• Managing the F&A department consisting of a team of 5 employees
• Year end forecasting
• Analysis of capacity utilization and efficiency
• Coordination and preparation of the 2008 budgets


Maarten van Zanen (Managing Director) says: “Irene demonstrated drive and commitment in our firm.”

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inClusion Group B.V. – Schiphol (2007)
inClusion Group initiates and develops projects for the financial sector in emerging markets in order to create nationwide payment infrastructures.


Activities: ad hoc advice and support in financial reporting.

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